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Automated control systems for technological processes (ASC) ​- are developed as information and control systems designed for automated control of any technological equipment.


The company M-Diod develops ASC using programmable microprocessors, which allow, in addition to providing all the necessary functions, to have a wide range of additional capabilities.


Main advantages when implementing ASC:

  • Increases productivity of production equipment;
  • Increased reliability of equipment operation, reduced risk of serious accidents;
  • Providing automated control of technological processes;
  • Protection of equipment and personnel in case of accident threat;
  • Modern information of personnel with reliable information on the course of the technological process

At existing enterprises


ASC reduces the number of personnel serving in production


Increases productivity of machine tools


Reduces the risk of personnel injury in production and improves working conditions


The number of defects decreases


When designing new enterprises


To improve the reliability of equipment and management systems;


Improving all economic indicators;


Increasing the service life of equipment and reducing labor and financial costs for its repair;


Improving energy efficiency indicators;


Providing compliance with domestic and international production standards.

Several examples of our work
Installation, commissioning of asphalt-concrete production
Problem description:

Assembly of electrical units, networks, power lines and control circuits in 24/7 production. Full control over production and minimal intervention of technological personnel in the production process. Quality control at the output and flawless production.


Automation of the electric power supply system of production, installation of a backup power source (diesel generator), and automatic switching system. Constant monitoring of network parameters to prevent equipment downtime and losses due to emergency situations.

Result of work:

A full range of services was performed at the production site, from developing and designing the 6kV power supply line (installing a step-down power transformer 6/0.4 630kVA) to distributing power to all production points (technology, lighting, power groups, own needs, electric heating, power supply to the office section).


Installation time - 3.5-4 months


Payback period - 6-8 months, depending on the production's operating time.

Repair and modernization of the painting machine:
Problem description:
It is necessary to smoothly adjust the speed of the tape feed with the addition of tension +5-7% at a load of 2.5 tons, with constant control of the temperature of heating in the heating chamber.
Result of work:
Trouble-free and stable power supply to consumers. Voltage stabilization at the input.
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The company “M-diod” has been professionally engaged in repairing and modernizing equipment since 2007. It has a well-developed material and technical base and a team of professionals with experience in the field of at least 10-15 years.

The enterprise is an official dealer in the Dnipropetrovsk region of brands: “UDEN”, “HOROZ”, “МPКА Україна Запоріжжя”, “VESTUM”, “ChintElectric”, “KOPOS”, “GunsanElectric”, “PARTIZAN”, “Bilmax”, “Legrand”, “Lezard”, “Schneider Electric”, which have proven themselves in the Ukrainian and foreign markets as high-quality manufacturers of electrical products from household LED lamps to high-precision video surveillance cameras and electric distribution installations.

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