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Some examples of our work
Major overhaul of the electrical part of the press (crank press 40 TC KD2126E)
Problem description
Unstable equipment operation, constant machine downtime due to the failure of individual electrical components. As a result, the production of parts is of poor quality, and there is a high percentage of defective products. There have been cases of personnel injuries due to the random activation of moving parts.
Result of the work
Faultless equipment operation. The amount of produced products increased by 18.5%. Electricity consumption decreased by 23% (by 1050 kW/h per month) due to the uninterrupted operation of equipment. Modernization was carried out in compliance with all safety requirements, as required by the labor protection law. The project payback period was 3 months.
Major overhaul of the main distribution point of the gardening cooperative
Problem description
Unstable equipment operation, constant power outages of consumers due to the failure of individual electrical components. The problem with voltage (low voltage, below 190 V) is due to poor contact conditions. Lack of protective equipment.
Result of the work
Uninterrupted and stable power supply for consumers. Voltage stabilization at the input.
Repair and modernization of the painting machine
Problem description
Perform smooth regulation of the tape feed speed with a 5-7% tension increase at a load of 2.5 tons, while constantly monitoring the heating temperature in the heating chamber.
Result of the work
The task was successfully completed.

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The company “M-diod” has been professionally engaged in repairing and modernizing equipment since 2007. It has a well-developed material and technical base and a team of professionals with experience in the field of at least 10-15 years.

The enterprise is an official dealer in the Dnipropetrovsk region of brands: “UDEN”, “HOROZ”, “МPКА Україна Запоріжжя”, “VESTUM”, “ChintElectric”, “KOPOS”, “GunsanElectric”, “PARTIZAN”, “Bilmax”, “Legrand”, “Lezard”, “Schneider Electric”, which have proven themselves in the Ukrainian and foreign markets as high-quality manufacturers of electrical products from household LED lamps to high-precision video surveillance cameras and electric distribution installations.

Increase the productivity of your equipment and reduce production costs by modernizing electrical components
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